Giveaway Week 2: 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assisting Success (The Growth Package)

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Hi everyone! Welcome to the second week of the MiM for Moms Giveaway Series! 

If you’ve just heard about the giveaway and would like to get the details on how this all works, head on over to our giveaway page and check it out. When you’re done, come back here and enter to win this week’s prize — free enrollment in Gina Horkey’s 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assisting Success course (The GROWTH Package)!

Virtual assisting is a fantastic work-at-home niche that few know how to get started in. As a VA myself (yes, I wear many hats!), I can say that this is by far my favorite way to earn extra income from home.

Wait? I thought you said you loved being a proofreader, Katie! What’s up with that?

Yep. I DO love being a proofreader. It’s actually working as a freelance proofreader that led me into the niche of virtual assisting (and transcription! But we’ll get into that in another post.;-)) is hosting a MASSIVE series of giveaways for the month of August (and into September!) for aspiring work-at-home moms! Come check out the details and enter to win some fantastic prizes from some amazing sponsors!So what does a virtual assistant do? 

Virtual assistants (VAs) assist business owners (like bloggers and other online entrepreneurs) in the day-to-day aspects of running their business — and it’s all done remotely! For example, virtual assistants can manage their clients’ inboxes, track and set up appointments, manage their affiliates, manage their projects, produce content, and MUCH more.

As a VA, I specialize in project management, something I never knew I’d be good at until becoming a VA. I tend to get board really quickly with repetitive tasks, so the ever-changing dynamic of the VA workflow always keeps me engaged and excited.

Is virtual assisting a good work-at-home career for a busy mom?


One of the great things about virtual assisting is that you can leave the computer and take a break whenever you need to. This means if my kids need me, I’m there. No negotiating with my boss. No having to squeeze family time into my schedule.

The flexibility allows me to give priority to my family’s needs and create a schedule that works for us. This is a HUGE win for me because I have young children who are still very needy. If my kids need to go outside to get the wiggles out, I have the freedom to take them to the park and let them run!

It also means that if one of my kiddos gets sick, I can get them to the doctor whenever I need to. (This in itself makes being a virtual assistant one of the best career options for moms who want to stay home.)

Another great aspect of virtual assisting is that I can literally take my job ANYWHERE. Like proofreading, as long as I have a laptop (or an iPad) and access to reliable Internet service, I can earn money. AND if we want to plan a spontaneous trip to the coast or to visit family, we can!

How much do virtual assistants make?

Honestly, however much you want! According to Gina Horkey, creator of the 30DoLVAS course and expert VA, the average North American virtual assistant makes $35-$50/hr (though some go as low as $25/hr and others go as high as $100/hr). How’s that for a nice slice of pie?

What are the downsides to working as a VA?

This is tough to answer because I really do love my work as a VA. But in the name of transparency, I think my least favorite part of being a VA has been answering thousands of emails. Why? Because like I said before, I don’t like repetition. Sometimes, as a VA, this is what you do. BUT it’s just a small part.

When I started as a VA, I was answering general emails in my client’s inbox. I was super excited to do it, but let’s face it. After answering 500 emails asking the exact same questions, it gets a tad boring. BUT here I am, eight months later, and I’m now a project manager — which leads me to my most favorite part of being a VA.

There’s room to grow!!

Seriously. The sky’s the limit in this industry. Find a good, successful client and learn from them. Then take what you’ve learned and grow into the kind of VA clients want!

The truth is, a good, reliable VA is hard to find. If you strive to be excellent at what you do, you’ll eventually find that clients will seek YOU out. (True story! This actually happened to me recently!) And there’s TONS of work out there.

Gina mentions on her site that there has been a 95% increase in demand for VAs in the last three years — and I totally believe it! With the growth of digital marketing and online business (especially blogging!), you can hardly find a successful online business owner who doesn’t use a VA.

So do you think becoming a VA might be right for you?

Check out the details on this week’s prize and enter to win the opportunity to enroll in this awesome course designed to help you use the skills you already have to earn a living as a virtual assistant!

Prize Details

Mom is More is giving away Gina Horkey's popular course, 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assisting Success: The Growth Package! Come check it out and enter to win!

30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success is a comprehensive month-long course created by Gina Horkey, a successful VA, business owner, WAHM, and wife.

This course is designed to help you expand on the skills you already have in order to turn them into marketable assets and build a foundation for a new career as a VA.

Just looking for a side hustle? No problem! As a freelance VA, you get to choose how much or how little you want to work. If you don’t want to make this into a full-time career, you don’t have to! You’re in complete control.

What’s included in the course? is giving away a free enrollment to Gina Horkey's popular virtual assisting course! Hurry before the giveaway ends!

Meet Gina Horkey, creator of the Horkey Handbook and VA extraordinaire! Visit to find out more about how she started earning $4,000+/month from her VA side hustle while working full time and being a mom to two toddlers!

  • 12 Modules including checklists, quizzes, and comprehensive content for virtually every aspect of virtual assisting
  • Help discovering your most marketable skills and finding your unique niche in a vast industry with unlimited possibilities
  • How to build an effective resume that’ll make you stand out in the VA world
  • Training in email management, social media management, and content management (highly sought-after skills for VAs!)
  • How to set up your business so you can get seen (and get paid!)
  • How to market your new business and find new clients
  • How to build solid, long-lasting  relationships with your clients (extremely important!)
  • Exclusive access to the private VA Facebook group community

As an added bonus, Gina has upgraded the winner to her Growth Package, which also includes the following:

  • Access to 25+ enhanced trainings and templates
  • Video interview with Gina and her first VA client (so you can hear exactly what her clients think!)
  • Independent contractor agreement template and tutorial ($200 value)


The winner of this (and all MiM for Moms giveaways!) will be receiving their very own copy of The Dailygreatness Business Planner, a beautiful planner designed to help you develop a successful business plan for your new work-at-home career. (Only U.S. residents are eligible to win the bonus prize.)

DailyGreatness Business Planner: An Actionable Plan For Exploding Your Business ($44.95)


This planner is friggin’ awesome. It is pricey at $44.95, BUT it is absolutely worth it for any aspiring business owner, especially for moms who need extra help keeping her ducks in a row. Click here to get more info on how awesome this planner really is!


  • Week-to-a-View Planner
  • One Page Business Planner
  • Business Vision Planner
  • Expansion Strategy Worksheet (new)DailyGreatness-BusinessPlanner-inside
  • Social Media Content Planner (new)
  • Comprehensive Goal Planning System
  • Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly Check-Ins
  • 90-Day Business Challenges
  • Weekly Action Planners
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Weekly and Quarterly Goal Planners
  • Finance Manager and Budget Worksheets
  • Undated, so you can start anytime


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73 thoughts on “Giveaway Week 2: 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assisting Success (The Growth Package)

  1. Good Luck everyone! I am hoping to start a new chapter in my life and looking at options. This looks promising.

  2. I’m just finishing Caitlin’s PA course and can’t wait to get started in the field. I’m looking for other ways to have an income from home, too, and I’ve always been interested in learning more about VA work!

  3. Gina is great! I took her freelance writer course and learned so much! It’s because of Gina that I found Proofread Anywhere.

  4. I’m a fairly new subscriber, and I am loving your posts! This is an amazing givevaway and I’m pretty excited about the chance to win!

  5. This looks like such a great giveaway if I win! Never knew there was such an opportunity for SAHM! 🙂

    1. Totally, Sabrina! There are far more opportunities out there for SAHMs than we realize! I am so happy to be able to bring some of these to light. Have you checked out our newest prize? Head on over to the main giveaway page to check it out! I’ll be posting some new info on it soon. 🙂

  6. I am a Mom trying to figure out a work at home option that will be a good fit for me. I so appreciate the great ideas you are highlighting, and I especially appreciate that you are sharing your personal and real experiences. Thank you for being a guide and mentor for so many of us Moms trying to break into the work at home world.

    1. Thank you SO much for such a nice comment, Christina! It’s really a huge blessing for me to be able to share all these unique work-at-home niches with you all. I’ve tried so many side hustles and I’ll be honest: There are SO many scams on the Internet nowadays that it can get super discouraging. Because of mine and my family’s personal experience with each of these fields, I can confidently say these are the best, REAL, viable work-at-home niches out there. I’ll be keeping my eye out for more, but will only pass along the ones I know are legit. (e.g., no surveys, no cold-calling, no grocery scanning, no spamming, etc.) No mom can afford to waste her time on scams like that; am I right?! 😉 So happy to have you stick around MiM. Keep an eye out for my new eBook coming soon! It’ll map out how to get started in the work-at-home world as a busy mom. 🙂 Good luck on the giveaway!

  7. Loving your blog, Katie! And thanks so much for the giveaways!! Keeping my fingers crossed for this one!!

    1. You’re welcome, Stephanie! I’m sure you’ve learned some excellent skills as a pharmacy tech! The course will help you find your most marketable skills and secure your VA niche, so your experience should come in handy! Good luck! 🙂

    1. Good luck, Penny! Gina’s course teaches you exactly what you need to know to get your business started, so it’s definitely a great starting point. 🙂

  8. Gina’s VA course looks interesting & quite comprehensive. I’ve signed up for the giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  9. I’ve considered VA before, but I haven’t really done much research into it! Now I have an excuse!

  10. I just finished the course. I’m excited to take the info and put it to use. Lots of good info. Just need to figure out how to make it work for me. 🙂 I’m hoping to combine it with Caitlin’s proofing course.

  11. I’ve been hearing a lot about VAs, but didn’t consider it as a viable possibility for me. Although I’ve entered to win (and now really hope I do), the best part of this blog was learning about the program and the work itself. I think it’s something I would love and excel at. So even if I don’t win, I’ll check out this new and exciting option. Thanks for the information, if nothing else!

    1. Hi, Ranee!

      So glad you’re enjoying learning about these new opportunities! Like you, I had heard of virtual assisting in the past, but never knew how viable it was until I started my own VA business. It’s definitely a good option for those looking to earn a living from home. 🙂 Good luck in the giveaway!

  12. Thanks for offering these giveaways Katie! I’m currently enrolled in Caitlin’s ProofreadAnywhere course, but I’d be really excited to add Gina’s VA course as well. Thanks again!

  13. Thank you for making these opportunities available to Moms. I’ve never been exposed to these jobs and I am hopeful I can take on any of these opportunities to help my family financially and grow.

    1. You are SO welcome, Christine! I am thrilled to be able to extend these opportunities to other moms! I know how these opportunities have really changed my life and the life of my family, so sharing that with people like you is definitely a HUGE blessing for me. 🙂

    1. Hi, Ruthie! I became a VA about 8 months after I graduated from PA. As far as which is more lucrative, that’s a hard question to answer simply because I know some proofreaders who have made more than I have as a VA! Personally, I make more as a VA than I did as a proofreader, but that’s because the nature of the work really plays to my natural strengths. Others excel better at exclusively proofreading. If you have a flexible schedule, I think you could probably make more as a VA. 🙂

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