Giveaway Week 1: Proofread Anywhere Jumpstart Membership

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Hi everyone! Welcome to the first giveaway for the MiM for Moms Giveaway Series! 

I’m SO excited to get this party started. If you’ve just heard about the giveaway and would like to get the details on how this all works, head on over to our giveaway page and check it out. When you’re done, come back here and enter to win this week’s prize — free enrollment in Proofread Anywhere’s Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™ Jumpstart membership level!

As a Proofread Anywhere grad, I have a LOT to say about this amazing program. If you’ve never heard of Caitlin Pyle (the course creator) or Proofread Anywhere, I invite you to check out my in-depth review on the course.

FYI: I paid full tuition to attend this program. I was NOT paid for my review, nor am I being paid for this giveaway. The prize was donated by the sponsor.

Prize Details

Enter to win enrollment in Proofread Anywhere's Jumpstart program! Visit for details.Every student over at PA starts with Jumpstart, the “theory” part of the Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™ course. Jumpstart includes two modules with a
combined total of 16 units containing all you need to know about the industry of court reporting and how proofreaders fit into the mix.

You’ll also learn transcript-relevant punctuation rules, formatting, common misused words, and legal terminology. This is the foundation for the rest of the course. At the end of Jumpstart, you’ll have the opportunity to take the Word Skills Test, a 100-question quiz to help you gauge your proficiency and decide if becoming a transcript proofreader is right for you (and you’ll even get a 25-page PDF printout of your results!).

Sign-up to get a free peek into the world of transcript proofreading!

Enroll in Caitlin’s free 7-day intro course to get a peek inside the world of transcript proofreading!

After you complete Jumpstart, you’ll have the option to upgrade to the “practice” part of the course, which includes over 3,000 pages of practice transcripts AND all the information you need to market your skills and find clients (in the Basic, Plus, and VIP membership levels only).

The best part? You get to deduct the value of your Jumpstart membership from the rest of the course should you choose to upgrade! That means not only do you get Jumpstart for FREE if you win, you also get to deduct it off the full course tuition! 🙂


BONUS PRIZE FOR THE WINNER!! The winner of this (and all MiM for Moms giveaways!) will be receiving their very own copy of The Dailygreatness Business Planner, a beautiful planner designed to help you develop a successful business plan for your new work-at-home career. (Only U.S. residents are eligible to win the bonus prize.)

DailyGreatness Business Planner: An Actionable Plan For Exploding Your Business ($44.95)


This planner is friggin’ awesome. It is pricey at $44.95, BUT it is absolutely worth it for any aspiring business owner, especially for moms who need extra help keeping her ducks in a row. Click here to get more info on how awesome this planner really is!


  • Week-to-a-View Planner
  • One Page Business Planner
  • Business Vision Planner
  • Expansion Strategy Worksheet (new)DailyGreatness-BusinessPlanner-inside
  • Social Media Content Planner (new)
  • Comprehensive Goal Planning System
  • Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly Check-Ins
  • 90-Day Business Challenges
  • Weekly Action Planners
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Weekly and Quarterly Goal Planners
  • Finance Manager and Budget Worksheets
  • Undated, so you can start anytime

To enter the giveaway for the Proofread Anywhere Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™ Jumpstart membership level and Dailygreatness Business Planner, follow the instructions on the entrance form below! 

NOTE: Subscribing to MiM is required to enter the giveaway. If you’re already a confirmed subscriber, great! Just indicate on the form that you’ve completed that requirement. Good luck!

Proofreading not your thing? is giving away a free enrollment to Gina Horkey's 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assisting Success! I'm so excited!No worries! Stay tuned for next week’s prize: Gina Horkey’s 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assisting Success, a comprehensive course created to teach you everything you need to know to become a successful virtual assistant! Subscribe below to be notified when this giveaway goes live.


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94 thoughts on “Giveaway Week 1: Proofread Anywhere Jumpstart Membership

  1. Hopefully my entries made it! Would love to Tweet, but not sure I like the permissions I would have to give. Not sure why we would have to give a third party such free access to our accounts. Would love the extra entries as I have wanted to take this course for a long time. Thank you for having this giveaway! I am so impressed with PA and am glad that I found your site, too.

    1. Hi, Marie!

      Hmmm. Good question! Here is what I found on their site:
      Giveaway Tools Social Media Applications

      When a Facebook, Twitter or Etsy entry type has verification enabled you will need to allow an “application” on each service access to your data. These applications do the required actions or post the relevant data to your account according to the entry type to be sure that the action was performed. When a winner is selected these applications also check your account to make sure you have not undone these actions. These social media applications are not made to post any data to your account without you expressly clicking a link to intiate them to do so. They do not record any data from your account, and only search your account for your entry if you are selected as a winner.

      Alternatively, you can share your unique URL for up to 10 additional entries.

      Either way, I’m SO glad to be able to offer this giveaway to you all! PA really is fantastic. And I’m super glad you’re enjoying MiM. 🙂

  2. Hello Katie!

    I sent in my entry a few times, but did not receive a confirmation e-mail. Just wanting to make sure I am entered.

    Thanks so much for offering these giveaways!

    1. Hi, Karen! Looks like you’re good! The confirmation is only for the subscription to MiM. You won’t receive one for the giveaway itself. I show that you have 4 entries into the giveaway and you are subscribed to the blog. 🙂

    1. Hmmmm. Where did you get the error? When you were trying to submit the giveaway form? Or was it when you tried to visit the page? The giveaway entry form is near the bottom of the blog post on this page. If you keep having issues, email me at

  3. Hi Katie! These giveaways are so exciting! Could you check that I’m on your list? I haven’t received a confirmation email. Thank you!

  4. Geez, could you make it any more difficult to find where to enter the giveaway??? Blah, blah, blah. Plus, this site has so many glitches.

    1. Hi, Lily!

      Hmmm. I haven’t really had anyone else have trouble finding the place to enter the giveaway. We have our main giveaway page giving the details of all the giveaways for this month. Each week, a new giveaway will open up and the entry form will be at the bottom of the page under the prize details. If you scroll down toward the end of the post on this page, you’ll find the entry form.

      I apologize for all the glitches. As with anything new, there are always bugs to work out. I rely on other software to keep this running, and when they falter, it tends to fall back on me. I am happy to help you get entered any way I can. 🙂

  5. thanks for this giveaway! I’ve been wanting to buy Proofread Anywhere for months and months. Crossing my fingers I win, otherwise I’ll keep saving up!

    1. No confirmation as of yet Katie. Good information here and have posted a link to your blog on my Facebook page.

  6. Hi Katie,
    I tried to enter the giveaway but still haven’t received a confirmation email. I’ve checked my spam but there’s nothing there either. I’ve used both Chrome and Safari to access the entry form, and while I’ve been able to follow you on Twitter and like you on Facebook , I don’t know if those extra entries have gone through or not since I’m not confirmed.
    Could you please manually add me to your list? I’m super exited about the giveaways, especially Caitlyn’s!!
    Thank you!

  7. I am trying to share my unique link on Facebook and it just goes to a page that says not found or can’t be reached.

    1. Same issue here. Was just about to let you know, Katie. Sorry the Internet & links are giving you such a hard time today!

  8. When I try to go to the giveaway through my email, it comes up as an unsafe website. Facebook won’t let me post a share either, it says it is an unsafe website. I tried to share on Facebook for the friends referral and got that message and it wouldn’t post it. Do You know why ‘lm getting this message?

        1. Hmmm. All the links on my site are from reputable sources (no spammy sites). It might be because I don’t have an SSL certificate since I don’t sell anything directly from my site. I’ll try to fix that. Thanks for letting me know!! 🙂

  9. Same issues as those who’ve commented previously. Hoping to subscribe and enter your PA giveaway. I don’t know if I’d be able to do the course without this help. Thank you!

      1. Same issues as those who’ve commented previously. Hoping to subscribe and enter your PA giveaway. I don’t know if I’d be able to do the course without this help. Thank you!

  10. Hi Katie,
    Thank you for helping me confirm my subscription! I clicked the link for the giveaway page and it says, “oops, this is embarrassing.” The page is unavailable. Any advice?
    Respectfully, Elle

  11. Hi Katie,

    Like everyone else, I have tried to subscribe with no luck. I even added your email address to my contacts as you suggested. Please subscribe me.

    Thank you.

  12. Hello! I didn’t receive an email confirming my subscription. I did it twice because I gave the wrong email at first. Correct one is below. Thanks!!

  13. Hi Katie! I subscribed to MiM first, but haven’t yet received any confirmation email. I went ahead and entered the contest, and I hope that’ll be okay. Fingers crossed! Thanks!!

  14. Hi Katie,
    I tried subscribing today, however, I’m not getting a confirmation email. I’d appreciate any help you could give me! Hope to enter the contest and be able to dig deeper into your blog. Thank you very much. Respectfully, Elle

  15. I’ve tried several times to become a subscriber to your blog without success. I’ve added you to my email contacts and check my spam folder, but I never receive the confirmation e mail. Help!

    1. You got it, Cyndi! Sorry for the headache. I’m on chat with my email management team right now, so hopefully they’ll FINALLY have this fixed after FOUR days. This momma bear isn’t happy. But not to worry! I’m adding you myself. 🙂

    2. OK, I tried through a different subscription link on your website and now things seem to be working and I have received the confirmation emails. Not sure what happened, but all seems to be good now. 🙂
      Thank you!

  16. I tried subscribing a few days ago, I never received a confirmation email. I tried again today, same thing. I have checked my spam and junk folders.

    1. Hi, Nik!

      We have limited the entries to U.S. residents for the following reasons: 1) It can be REALLY expensive to ship overseas, and MiM is covering the DailyGreatness Business Planner costs and shipping, which can really add up; and 2) the nature of the industry (proofreading for court reporters) tends to make it difficult for anyone outside the U.S. That said, I won’t deny someone the opportunity to win the enrollment! If you’d like to enter, that’s totally fine. 😉

  17. I hope I did this correctly! I got an error message a few times and the link from Caitlin’s email didn’t work. Fingers crossed I win – I NEED Proofread Anywhere in my life!

    1. Hi, Shawn!

      Thanks for letting me know about Caitlin’s link! I’ll let her know. Also, I’m not showing you subscribed to MiM. We are having some issues with our system, so it’s probably not your fault. 😉 I’ll add your email to the list manually. Good luck!! 😉

    1. Hi, Joyce!

      The giveaway actually starts at 1:00 a.m. PST/ 4:00 a.m. EST. The form is down toward the bottom of the post. It will open when the giveaway starts. 🙂

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