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Coping with disappointing someone you love is hard. Learning how to move on when you've disappointed yourself, now that's something entirely different. Find out the ways I have battled (and overcome!) disappointing myself as a mom. Click here to read more!

OMG #3: Being Okay With the Mom You Are (How I Overcame Disappointing Myself)

Warning: This post might get long, but stick with me. You might find the encouragement you’ve been looking for. 🙂 Early in my adult life, I had dreams of what it would be like to be a mom. I envisioned forts in the living room, family homeschooling field trips, a house without a TV, and happy […]

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Are you ridden with mommy guilt? In today's post here at Mom is More, find out the strategies I have found super helpful to kick the guilt to the curb and keep it away!

OMG#2: How to Say No to Mommy Guilt

If you’ve been following the OMG series here at MiM, you are familiar with the concept of mommy guilt. If you’re new (hi!), check out this post. Mommy guilt has been something that’s plagued me for most of my life as a mom. But to be completely honest, I think it started long before motherhood. […]

Letting my kids watch TV used to be a major source of guilt for me. Come on over to MiM to find out how I let it go and how my family keeps the TV without the guilt!

OMG#1: Why I Let My Kids Watch TV (And Why I Don’t Feel Guilty About It)

If you’ve ventured through the mommy blogosphere with any regularity, you have probably experienced some form of mommy guilt — maybe for letting your kids watch TV or choosing not to homeschool. It’s rampant in the platform of blogging and social media. It’s super easy to say, “You shouldn’t do this,” or, “You should do […]

When I became a new mom, I really had no idea what motherhood REALLY was. I thought I did, but boy was I wrong. Come on over to check out what I learned in the early years of motherhood!

4 Things Motherhood Isn’t (And What it Actually Is)

Ever hear that saying “Motherhood is the hardest job you’ll ever have”? I have — many, many times. In fact, I think that is one of the most common pieces of “wisdom” that is passed down from well-meaning veteran moms to wide-eyed newbies ready to dig in and get their hands dirty. It’s sweet when […]

Overcoming Mommy Guilt

I am super excited to invite you to enjoy my new series, Overcoming Mommy Guilt (OMG)! OMG is a series dedicated to just that — helping YOU overcome the mommy guilt. Before we can overcome the mommy guilt, though, we really need to pinpoint what it is. So what is it? Mommy guilt is the […]