My Totally Honest Review of Bookkeeper Business Launch

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Bookkeeper Launch - Ben Robinson - Bookkeeping TrainingMeet Ben Robinson, owner and creator of Bookkeeper Launch (formerly Bookkeeper Business Launch), a training program designed to train bookkeepers with the skills they need to launch their own remote bookkeeping business — even if they have no bookkeeping experience to start with.

Many of you know how passionate I am about helping people find legitimate ways to earn real income from home so they can spend more time doing what they love with the people they love.

(And if you don’t know, now you do!) 😉

So when I heard about Ben’s course back in 2016, I knew I wanted to write a thorough review of it so you can get a real glimpse into the program — especially if you think this might be a niche you’d like to explore.

Then life happened… for 2 1/2 years.

Motherhood, y’all. Am I right? 😛

But thanks to a wonderful reader who asked me about Ben’s course, I was encouraged to get my butt in gear and get this post written for you guys, so here it is! (Thanks, Jessica! I hope you find this helpful. <3)

Bookkeeper Launch: Work from home as a bookkeeper even if you have NO experience! Comprehensive bookkeeping training!A lot of people connect with me asking advice on how to earn money from home, and I’m actually rather surprised at how few realize that bookkeeping can, in fact, be an excellent way to earn a living from home.

But to be honest, it wasn’t until I heard about Ben and his course that I really connected the dots myself.

I mean, my mom’s a bookkeeper and has been for decades. And you know what? She’s actually been doing it old-school using the methods she was trained on—from home.

How did I not see this?!

The difference between what she’s been doing all this time and what Ben teaches is that she’s been confined to her local bookkeeping market all these years, while Ben teaches his students to cast a wider net.

So when my husband and I gifted her an enrollment into Bookkeeper Launch, I think she was a bit shocked at the idea of being able to use those skills to work with clients all over the U.S.—no matter where she is.

Mind. Officially. Blown.

A Little About Ben Robinson

Ben is a former CPA firm owner, a published author, and an experienced public accountant who has devoted his life to teaching people the necessary skills to become excellent bookkeepers, as well as how to build their business from wherever they are in the United States.

I originally heard of Ben through one of my virtual assisting clients who has worked with him in the past. And from my own interactions with him, I can honestly say that Ben is one of the nicest, most generous people out there.

He really does have a passion to share his knowledge to help others create successful businesses, and it really shows in his program.

This isn’t me just saying it to get you to enroll in his program. I’m actually super picky when it comes to programs like Ben’s because I know there’s a lot of garbage programs out there that charge an arm and a leg and don’t deliver squat.

So when I post about something on Mom is More, it’s certified garbage free (by my standards… which are insanely high).

A Little About Bookkeeper Launch

As I mentioned before, my mom is currently enrolled in Bookkeeper Business Launch, and I’ve been watching her progress to gain some first-hand insight into Ben’s course myself.

As soon as my mom started training, I was immediately impressed with the care and attention Ben has put into creating this course.

Ben’s whole approach to teaching is phenomenal because he addresses the two most prominent success killers when it comes to starting your own business: mindset and motivation.

He specifically addresses these two things frequently throughout the course — and for good reason, too.

Throughout my time as an online entrepreneur, I have personally seen more budding businesses get sniped of success for two reasons: doubt and fear. They were too afraid or unconfident in their abilities to see that just over the hill of intimidation lies the vast opportunity for success.

But most will never get that far because they give way to fear.

Trust me, I’m totally guilty of this too.

This is why Ben takes GREAT care not to just teach his students the skills they need to do the work as a bookkeeper and how to build their business; he also strives to nurture his students’ mindsets and help them identify their motivation.

This is priceless!!

Something he shares early on in his course is:

“Your outer success is 100% dependent on your inner success.”
~ Ben Robinson

This is SO true for pretty much everything in life, especially when it comes to building a business. There is nothing more indicative of your success in life than the success you possess inside.


In his course, Ben strives to help his students overcome the “can’t” mentality and foster a “can-do” attitude toward their goals to give them the best chance for success.

In my mind, this is just as valuable (if not more so) as all the training students receive in bookkeeping and marketing throughout the course… which, btw, is A LOT.

Seriously. If you feel one ounce of doubt inside of you, that’s proof of the need for mindset nurturing in courses like these. IT’S ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL TO SUCCESS, FOLKS.

In fact, even as someone who has worked full-time from home since 2015, I still need to nurture my mindset because that fear doesn’t necessarily go away.

BUT you can learn what to do with it, and that is powerful. I do feel a lot less afraid than I did when I first started working from home… but it still pops up from time to time. And when it does, I know exactly what to do.

Okay… enough about the mindset stuff. Let’s dive into the actual nuts and bolts of Bookkeeper Launch.

Bookkeeping Course Overview and Behind-The-Scenes Look!

(This has been updated as of July 2021 with the latest 4.0 version of the program!)

The program itself is designed to support students through skill development, building clientele, and growing their business. It’s mapped out to get students from enrollment to completion in 90 days.

At first I was a bit confused by the setup inside the portal (which breaks down the program into a 90-day completion plan) in comparison with the syllabus (which breaks down the program into 3 categories of learning).

But then it dawned on me… each section in the 90-day plan includes different training across all three categories!

This is BRILLIANT course structuring, IMHO.

This means students will be learning from all three categories no matter where they’re at in the 90-day plan.

To see the A to Z breakdown of the entire program, including what the three categories are and their insanely generous guarantees, download the syllabus here.

Here’s a quick glance at the course flow:

Section 1: Orientation: Systems Check

Bookkeeper Launch - Orientation

This contains two modules and 5 lessons (approx. 1.25 hours of instruction) on how to prepare for the program, how to navigate the portal, and planning for completion. Includes standard orientation and study hacks to help you actually retain what you learn! Includes the following two modules:

  • Orientation
  • Study Hacks

Section 2: (Days 1-15) Go!

Bookkeeper Launch - Days 1-15

This section comprises 3 modules, 52 Lessons, 10 Assessments (approx. 5.5 hours of training) and is all about establishing the foundational bookkeeping skills, building clients, and setting up your business!

This first 15 days of the program includes the following modules:

  • Foundations: All about building accounting and bookkeeping skills!
  • Leader U: Students learn important leadership skills for running a business and how to get the business set up!
  • Money U: This module prepares students early for getting ready to make money, including how to establish top notch marketing know-how for building a business (something most new entrepreneurs never learn!).

Favorite Feature: The Money U module is designed to give you an edge in the market. I LOVE that Ben included this! MANY programs like this don’t ever include even the most basic marketing training, leaving students sorely lacking the skills to actually run and grow their business. This course checks those boxes, and then some.

Section 3: (Days 16-30) Ignition!

Bookkeeper Launch - Days 16-30

The Ignition phase of the program builds further on the skills, client building, and business management that students learn in the Go phase.

With 133 lessons, 10 assessments, and approximately 17.5 hours of instruction, students will uplevel their skills and start feeling incredibly confident as virtual bookkeepers within 30 days of the program (if they follow the plan, of course).

This section includes the following modules:

  • Setup: Students will learn how to set up bookkeeping software and client accounts
  • Transactions: This module trains students how to manage basic transactions within a client’s account, such as cash receipts and accounts receivable, cash disbursements and accounts payable, inventory, fixed assets, etc.
  • Yakkity-Yak: In this module, students will learn how to spread the word about their new bookkeeping business without being spammy or salesy.
  • Lifestyle: Students learn how to actually get the work done! This is all about productivity and time management! ← This is where students discover how to bake freedom and flexibility into their business!

Favorite Feature: I giggled when I saw the Yakkity-Yak module. First, I love the name. So cheeky! Second, I love how Ben helps students get comfortable with talking about their new business (sans the spamminess) and ties in real marketing principles that he teaches in Money U. Marketing their new business is by far the biggest hurdle for most students. Ben helps make it so much less intimidating and somehow fun for newbies!

Section 4: (Days 31-45) Liftoff!

Bookkeeper Launch - Days 31-45

In the Liftoff phase, students prepare for launching their new business with 66 lessons that include approximately 9 hours of instruction.

Modules include:

  • Transactions Projects: Students walk through closing and final projects to work out their skills with less hand-holding than the prior skills modules.
  • Statements: This module helps students master reading, interpreting, and utilizing statements to build a more collaborative relationship with their clients by helping them understand their businesses.
  • Traditional Networking: Here students learn how to network properly to build relationships and find new clients.
  • Irresistible Selling Statement: Here Ben teaches students how to create their own irresistible selling statement to attract the perfect clients!

Favorite Feature: Networking!!! When I first started my own service-based business, I was so nervous about finding new clients. But once I started mastering networking, my business took off and I didn’t really need to work that hard to find new clients. Building relationships in the industry and niche you’re, IMHO, can set your business up BIG returns in the form of clients!

Section 5: (Days 46-60) Ascent!

Bookkeeper Launch - Days 46-60

In the Ascent phase, students focus on demonstrating their skills with a final exam and building their business skills! Includes 47 lessons, 7 assessments, and approximately 6 hours of training.

Modules include:

  • Cleanup: A guest instructor teaches students how to properly clean up a client’s books when they show up with a dumpster fire of messed up records! She also teaches what to charge for cleanup services.
  • Final Exams: Self explanatory! Students will demonstrate their skills and earn their certificate of completion!
  • Online Networking: Students will learn how to widen their network using online resources! (This is exclusively how I’ve built my own serviced-based business!)
  • Conversation to Close: AWESOME module about helping students have that initial conversation with prospective clients and how to make it feel natural and effortless all the way through signing the contract.

Favorite Feature: I have two favorites in this section. The first one might surprise you… it’s the cleanup one! It made my favorites because she teaches cleanup process not just as a standard bookkeeping skill, but also as an entire stand-alone service! ← This is great because it gets students thinking outside the box of the kinds of services they can offer and get paid for as a bookkeeper. (i.e., it doesn’t have to be just about basic data entry and bookkeeping)

The second one is Conversation to Close. Ben’s approach to talking to prospective clients makes it feel so natural and effortless.

Section 6: (Days 61-75) Acceleration!

Bookkeeper Launch - Days 61-75

This phase is all about helping students gain software certification and streamline their business processes (client onboarding, service checklists, internal systems, etc.). This section includes 25 lessons and approximately 2.25 hours of instruction

Modules include:

  • Get Software Certified: Here Ben discusses the importance of being certified in specific bookkeeping software and the ones they recommend getting certified in before you start working with clients. (Bookkeeper Launch does NOT train in specific software because the applications change all the time. They DO teach the practical skills and processes that bookkeepers need to know that can be applied to any application out there.)
  • Templates: This is their template library that includes templates for service pricing calculators, consultation checklists, proposals, and lots more!
  • Processes & Checklists: MORE templates for common services and processes students will have in their business starting out, including onboarding templates, clean up service templates, reconciliation processes, sales tax processes, and lots more!
  • Your Money: Ben walks through some important guidelines for how students handle their money as a self-employed person!

Favorite Feature: Templates, templates, and more templates! BL 4.0 is definitely set up to help brand new course grads launch a business that’s ready to function as an actual business. I think this is great because lots of programs out there teach you the skills but leave you in the lurch with all the rest of the stuff. This program really does think of everything in terms of giving students a launchpad for success.

Section 7: (Days 76-90) Orbit!

Bookkeeper Launch - Days 76-90

This section is all about helping students build more systems into their business and gain more clients as they look to grow their business. With 32 lessons and approximately 10.5 hours of training, this is the final phase in the 90-day course plan.

Modules include:

  • Tools & Tech: Here students will find a compilation of Ben’s most recommended tools and tech to use in their business!
  • Setup 7: This module is designed to help students “make it official” by setting up their business legally, including getting a business entity set up, business licenses, setting up their own bookkeeping system, business checking accounts, etc.
  • Website & Social Media Marketing: Students learn how to leverage social media to build their business!
  • Freelance Gigs: In this module Ben discusses the difference between freelance and business work, and how to craft many different ways to gain clients.
  • Favorite Feature: More marketing help! I really appreciate how this program is designed to take students from total beginner (literally no bookkeeping or marketing experience) to confident bookkeeper who can effectively marketing their services and get clients without feeling overwhelmed by the whole process!

Phew!! That’s a lot of stuff to cover. But true to style, Ben and his team don’t start there. After students complete the 90-day plan, they’re then tasked with 2 followup mission:

Bookkeeper Launch - Extra Missions

These two missions are designed to help students start making money immediately after completing the program… which, let’s face it, is a big concern for most people who are thinking about a program like this.

Throughout the course, Ben teaches his students the foundational knowledge they need to get started as a bookkeeper.

That means you don’t need any previous experience to take the course. Ben provides all the instruction you need to start from the ground up!

After Foundations, Ben helps you dive deep into learning the proper processes of bookkeeping.

To do that, Ben walks you through a mock business with different scenarios so you get the opportunity to actually build your skills as though you were working with an actual client.

And there are a TON of video tutorials and instructions, which makes the lessons really easy to understand and apply. Plus, Ben is an excellent teacher, and it’s very easy to listen to his lessons and learn a lot.

Bookkeeper Launch - Lesson View

He really, really knows his stuff and knows how to teach people, which means this isn’t 90 days of mind-numbing lecturing. The program will is meant to deliver the instruction in a concise way that helps students retain the lessons!

Another HUGE bonus is that Ben pays for an attorney to be available for all students to ask those burning legal questions surrounding building a business from the ground up.


I haven’t seen a course do this before! This alone is probably worth the price of the entire program.

So what’s included when you enroll?

As you can see, this course actually comes with a TON of content and resources to help you learn the skills you need to become a bookkeeper and how to actually start your business.

Here’s a list of everything you get when you enroll in the course:

  • The entire Bookkeeper Launch program (valued at $2,997) – includes video lessons, worksheets, templates, quizzes, interviews, role play scenarios, case studies, and checklists.
  • Access to the Rockin’ Bookkeeper Launch Students Community
  • Access to the weekly LIVE Q&A support calls
  • Unlimited email support with our Student Success Team
  • Office Hours – Expert 1-on-1 bookkeeping advice from established bookkeeping professionals
  • Legal Lunch – Ask an attorney any questions you have about starting your business
  • Full access to the Bookkeeper Launch Resource Library – includes guides, templates and worksheets you need to start your successful bookkeeping business.
  • Unlimited upgrades to future versions of Bookkeeper Launch
  • The Bookkeeper Launch Action Guide: Your “Step-By-Step” action plan to launching your own virtual bookkeeping business. This 41-point action plan highlights the most effective “breakthrough work” items that will rapidly accelerate towards success, right from the word go.
  • Special Bonus #1: Hacks and Facts Course
  • Special Bonus #2: Profit Maximizers Course
  • Their IRONCLAD “No Questions Asked” 30-day Money Back Guarantee + their conditional guarantee where they’ll buy back your bookkeeping business if you are unable to make back your investment in the course! (More info in the course syllabus.)
  • Multiple payment options, including full pay and 12-pay!

Extra Resources:

  • Process Templates & Checklists – step by step, covers onboarding to end of year closing
  • Improved Q&A – curriculum focused, written and video content
  • Pricing Calculators – tools to assist students in pricing proposals for clients
  • 12 Month Quickbooks Online (QBO) Trial – $420 value

Added Value & Support:

  • Certification – completion certificate provided by globally recognized accreditation body
  • Increased staff support – added resources and personnel
  • BBL Family – Facebook Community of like minded BBL students/bookkeepers to support and promote one another.
  • Inc. 500 Recognized Brand – Ranked #211 on the INC 5000 Magazine list of fastest growing companies

Things I love about Bookkeeper Launch…

Ben seems to undersell and overdeliver on everything he does, which is by far my favorite thing about this course.

There is SO much training and support involved for students that I personally feel this course would absolutely help someone go from zero to bookkeeping professional if they’re committed to doing the work*.

*Like that overt disclaimer in there? It’s there because it’s true. His course isn’t magic. You’re the only magic you need to make it work, friend.

Same goes for pretty much every training program out there. Moving on… 😉

Something my mom has RAVED about is the student support (like the Facebook group) where she says the community support among the students is incredible. And I can honestly say that for the training courses I’ve taken, the student groups are what makes the program absolutely shine.

Knowing you have the support you need whenever you need it as you venture out to build your business — from people who have actually been there — can be SO helpful in relieving the fear involved with starting something new.

I also love how the course is really designed for may different types of learners. Each video lesson comes with a video (obviously), audio file, and a transcript. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a visual learner, auditory learner, or learn best by reading. They’ve got you covered.

Things I wish were better…

Since I haven’t personally taken this course, I can’t really speak to the program from a student perspective.

In my original review, both my mom and I didn’t love how the course was set up inside of the portal. It was confusing to navigate and wasn’t really that intuitive.

With the release of the 4.0 version, I no longer feel that’s a problem! Their new setup is incredibly intuitive and designs to help students flow through the course with a clear-cut pathway.

What I’d love to see incorporated into the setup is module dependencies. Once a student completes the orientation phase, all of the modules unlock.

Theoretically, this means students can bounce around through the program which can be tempting for some students who want to learn how to get clients before they’ve mastered the skills.

With that said, this setup seems to largely be designed to treat its students like adults (hooray!) instead of corralling them like preschoolers.

Yes, you could go straight to the client sections. But why would you want to get clients when you don’t even know how to do the work?

My suggestion is if you enroll, take the modules in order. This will make the whole program feel cohesive and make more sense, especially when Ben references other modules throughout the course.

So is this a good niche for stay-at-home parents?


This is a fantastic work-at-home niche for stay-at-home moms (and dads!) who are good with numbers and need a flexible work-at-home career to accommodate their family’s needs — even if you have really little ones at home who need your attention!

On my mompreneur scale of 1 to 10 (10 being awesome), I rate this a 10, meaning this job is ideal for parents of kids of any age. You can easily step away from your work to be with your kiddos at any given time.

(Yes, I just totally made this scale up.)

It is incredibly flexible so you can do the work with littles around, making it ideal for parents with small kiddos or kiddos with special needs.


But even if you’re not a stay-at-home parent, this program is excellent for:

  • Anyone who have been out of the workforce for a while
  • Retirees who would like to supplement their income
  • College graduates that are finding themselves with large debt and no job opportunities
  • People who are tired of sifting through the gazillion Pinterest ideas and Google search scams that tell them how to make a zillion dollars watching Netflix or stuffing envelopes… because gahhhhhh!

If you’re thinking about exploring this niche, I highly recommend checking out Ben’s FREE 3-part workshop to get you started. This link provides instant access to all 3 classes!

Bookkeeper Launch - FREE 3-part class!

Extra Resource Links:

30 thoughts on “My Totally Honest Review of Bookkeeper Business Launch

  1. How can you review a product when neither you or you mom ever took it? I’m confused…. so, it’s almost $3,000 and its just the business side of it nothing about accounting itself?
    This came off as a paid advertisement and did more damage than give me confidence in the program

    1. Hi, Anne!

      I apologize for my delay in replying. I understand and completely sympathize with your skepticism of the program and my review. There’s a lot of garbage out there, so I respect your apprehension. That said, I stand by the validity of my review having looked through the course curriculum myself. I didn’t complete the course because I don’t have a desire to become a bookkeeper. I have been given the opportunity to thoroughly review the content for the bookkeeping training provided, the business management training provided, and the marketing training provided. I’ve also been allowed to observe the student success rates within the student community, and I found it to be very encouraging and on par with what I’d expect from a high-quality program.

      With my years of experience in both building, maintaining, and marketing high-quality online trainings that effectively train students for building successful businesses and marketable skills, I can vouch that this is a very high-quality and well-rounded program. It does provided business marketing training as well as actual bookkeeping training for those who have no experience with bookkeeping. There are many bookkeeping programs out there that train up bookkeepers, but not all of them are good quality OR provide training in building remote bookkeeping skills and services that can be used to serve clients across the US. This program does.

      And as always, it’s with full transparency that I say that I am an affiliate of this bookkeeping program. Not simply because I receive a commission if someone chooses to enroll through my link, but because it’s a program I’m proud to endorse. There are many bookkeeping programs I could be an affiliate for, but I chose this one because of its record of high success rates and quality training. I do not review programs that I have not either completed myself AND found to be of high quality… OR that I am given full access to in order to perform a complete review of the course platform, course content, support, and student success rates.

      Again, I respect your apprehension as it’s definitely justified when it comes to finding legit programs online. I certainly hope you find a program that fits with your long-term goals. Best of luck to you! 🙂

  2. Hello, Jesus bless y’all,
    I wanted to say “thank you” for providing this personal review, and even insight from your mom as she did this. It is helping me as i ask Jesus to help me separate the darkness from the light, per say, in this year and after much tragedy. I’m praying about a side thing that would help me. My mom passed away due to COVID complications July 15th, her sister/my aunt, 7 days before her. I’m the oldest, Mexican daughter, of my now widowed father and sister to my two adult siblings. I feel responsibility to be there for them as He leads but also take care of myself to be able to do in a healhty way. We are all very freshly in the mourning process but I’ve had urgency to look into other streams to take care of financial strain due to having to pay up funeral costs and such between my siblings an i, that were a surprise. Jesus is faithful and we saw mercy every hospital day, by knowing He sent people and nurses our way to help us navigate not being able to be there for her in person and also to say goodbye, even if it meant through zoom. i’m just trying to be open to what Jesus sees coming that i don’t . I’d love to pick your brain about this further if you dont mind me emailing you? You be blessed in your endeavors to be a resource to humanity going trhough different situations in life. thanks for being an encouragement. Wether this course is an option or not, i’m Still thankful i got to your site for other reasons.

    1. Hi, Liz ~ I’m so sorry I missed your comment! I’m glad you found the post helpful. I offer my sincerest condolences for the passing of your mom. I pray your family will be blessed and strengthened as you navigate this difficult time. Please feel free to email me with any questions you have.

  3. Thank you for your review, it was very informative. I do have a question regarding your mom and her experience with the course. Was she able to apply any of the online processes into her current business and what kind of change has she seen in her business? Has she increased her bottom line?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi, Linda!

      I’m happy to share a quick update on my mom’s experience with the course. While going through the course, she did find it a bit difficult to adopt the idea of working with clients outside of her immediate area. She was used to working from home but for clients within her area so she could work with receipts in hand. Some bookkeepers find it difficult to adopt the process of digital data transfers (scanned receipts and financial documents). For her, that was the case.

      For the sake of transparency, she decided to pivot away from bookkeeping shortly after taking the course. So I won’t be able to speak to any results she got after taking it. This decision was not made because of the program, however. I definitely recommend reaching out to the support team at to see if you can possibly speak with a graduate of the program to get their perspective. Some programs accommodate this kind of request, so it couldn’t hurt to ask. 🙂

  4. Thank you for the review! I wanted to find some independent reviews before I invest in the course. This was very helpful! The fact that you are also a believer in Jesus ramped up to your credibility!

    1. So glad you found the review helpful, Vicki! I know how important it is to do your due diligence before spending your hard-earned money. 🙂 Also, it’s nice to connect with another believer!

  5. Thank you for a very in-depth and specific review. It was most helpful for me as I’ve been scouring resources for a money making way to use skills I already have as well as learning new skills that will allow me to not only travel and/or move after my husband retires in a couple of years but also will allow me the freedom of schedule and ability to become debt free.

    I was also concerned about the solitude but your insight and ideas are inspiring and enlightening. I’ve always been a little afraid to put myself out there on the internet, but if I’m helping people be successful with their businesses, that is a win-win and well worth it. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I am seriously looking into taking this course. It is actually the same cost as one course at my local community college; I have taken many of those with no guarantees and less resources. So, I am ready for the leap. Thanks for an honest review.

    1. My pleasure, Lynn! I totally agree that with Ben’s guarantee, there is simply no reason to risk tuition costs at a traditional college. You’ll be learning so much more with greater support and far less risk involved with BBL. I’d love to hear your thoughts after you complete the program!

      Wishing you all the best as you build your skills!

      1. I watched his introductory videos and really felt that i need to complete his course, but was disappointed to find out how expensive it is. I am a bookkeeper but currently unemployed.

        1. Yes, it’s quite expensive. There’s a $199mo. payment plan which may still be a bit much depending upon financial situation. {Updated by admin to reflect that they now offer a 3-pay plan.}

  7. Thanks – I’m still finishing up some other online credits to receive my associates (40 years after I started) and have been looking into this course as a “what do I do next?.” I have some good work experience and skills but I am raising a 21 year old nephew with autism and it’s looking like working outside the home again, which I have loved, is not going to work after he ages out of high school next year.

    Thank you so much for your review!

    1. Wow, Susan! I have two nephews with autism and a son with special needs, so I know how difficult it can be to pursue a career while also raising a child (especially an adult child!) with special needs. You’re amazing to be raising your nephew, and I think you’ll find working from home to be such a great fit for someone in your situation.

      I’m cheering for you Susan! It can be done! 🙂

  8. I have to say I am rather confused. One thing I am very cautious of with work at home programs is the hook and then the increasing costs to get to the end so you end up paying much more than you ever thought you would pay. Making that much off a student makes it a business model of recruiting as many students as possible to maximize profit selling the course. a 100% failure rate? who cares, they have their money, you are just a revenue source.

    What I am confused about is when I watched his recruiting video he said the cost for your booking business would be around $1,200 and included getting your business liscense, web site hosting cost, cost of your website etc. Now here you are saying $2,997 (97 because in marketing psychology more people respond to 97 compared to 99) and that is just for the course.

    So now what I feared may be the case. You get hooked in with very little at the beginning and then as you progress you have to pay more and more to get out the other end.

    1. Hi, Mark!

      I can understand your confusion, but I disagree with your assessment. When you enroll in a college program designed to train you in a particular skill set, does the tuition for that program also include business start-up costs? No, in fact they do not. Not any college training program I’ve ever taken. They provide the theory, and you’re then in charge of taking the knowledge and applying it in your field. Likewise, Bookkeeper Business Launch is a training program, it is not a “business in a box,” meaning he does not hand you a functioning business upon graduation.

      Students who enroll are learning the skills they need to do the work as a bookkeeper. That training is absolutely worth the cost, especially when you consider what it would cost to receive similar training at the college level. Every student is responsible for setting up their own business, and yes, that includes start-up costs for registering your business with the State and Federal governments, setting up your business website, and marketing your services. Again, students are not buying a business when they enroll; they’re investing in training.

      I hope this clears up a bit of the confusion. 🙂

    2. Replying to Mark – I am a current BBL student. I think the $1200 mentioned is the money you will need to actually launch YOUR own business.There are start up costs to get any business off the ground and he is not including the price of the course in this amount. They highly recommend you hire an attorney to help you set up the legal structure of your business, set up a website and a few other things that will cost money like business cards and such. But, everyone finds there own way. Some do an LLC online without the help of an attorney, some design and build their own website, or wait until you have a client or two. I am still progressing though the program and with the support of the online Facebook community of students who have successfully launched their businesses I can say it is phenomenal. This program is the real deal. There is a great deal of value. However, if you think you have what it takes to do it on your own that can be done as well. Go to Quickboooks and sign on as a ProAdvisor Accountant for free and start learning via their free tutorials. But I think BBL is like a rocket launch instead of going up many flights of stairs manually.
      Just my two cents.

      1. Thank you SO much for your constructive insight, Lisa! I’m always so appreciative when students of the programs I recommend give their honest feedback in the comments. It truly helps prospective students make educated decisions about which programs are right for them. Best of luck as you continue through BBL!

  9. Thank you for the review. I first came across Ben’s course 3 years ago… I still want to be a bookkeeper (maybe accountant one day), and I need to start, but I really have not progressed much in three years since I first discovered my passion for bookkeeping. One reason, is of course, the crippling fear or being an entrepreneur. Another is my likely preconception of working for yourself and from home. I have wanted to work outside of the home for a long time for several reasons: to keep work separate from home life; to nurture relationships with co-workers; and to get out of the house. I’m not really a homebody and I love people. HOWEVER, I see the value of being self-employed and working from home because of the flexibility in time that it can offer. So, if you can shake up my preconceptions of the work-from-home world, I would so appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Elise!

      What GREAT questions! I know a lot of people feel the same way, so I’m happy to offer my insight from my own experiences. 🙂

      The crippling fear of being an entrepreneur: If I were to guess, I’m thinking you might be talking about the variable income and being in charge of your own paycheck; am I right? If that’s the case, I TOTALLY understand where you’re coming from. It can definitely be nerve-racking not knowing where your next paycheck will come from. However, for anyone who is really good at what they do, finding and keeping a steady workload isn’t all that difficult once you get your clientele list going. All you need is ONE client. Wow them, and you’ll start finding referrals dropping in your lap. Treat each client as though they were your only client, and you’ll be set.

      In addition, I’m one who believes in creating a safety net by having multiple streams of income so that when one stream is dipping in revenue the others can pick up the slack. This could be different types of bookkeeping services that are offered or a whole different type of service/product. But there really are many different ways to smooth out the financial ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. I highly recommend the book Profit First when it comes to business finances. It is awesome.

      If your fear is NOT surrounding finances, let’s hash it out! Email me at, and I’ll see if I can offer some more tips on how to move past your fears. 🙂

      The solitude of working from home: I’m going to shoot really straight here and say that working from home can be a very solitary work environment, BUT it doesn’t have to be. If you know your an extrovert who gets really filled up by being around others, you can create a business surrounding that! For example, you can work in more public places whenever possible (if you can do so without compromising confidential information) or carving out an ICA (ideal customer avatar) who enjoys working closely with their bookkeeper. Maybe you can be a “bookkeeper on demand” who goes to the client, or an in-house bookkeeper for a really cool company that inspires you.

      With your training at BBL, you can still work with businesses outside of the home that may be looking for someone with bookkeeping skills. What’s great, though, is that you actually have the flexibility to choose how/where/when you want to work. So if you want to work around people, you can. If you want to build your work week around social events, you can. If you want to rent office space and hire subcontractors to work on site with you, you can!

      So while it can be solitary, it doesn’t have to be. 🙂 And while working from home can make it more difficult to keep work and home life separate, it doesn’t have to. You just have to get creative and figure out how to make it work. It may be working from home when the kids are in school and the spouse is at work. It may be renting office space and building your own team like I mentioned before.

      The point is that YOU get to decide, when it comes to working for yourself. Whether it be how much money you make, how you manage your business, how you build your team or work solo, where you work, you get to decide all of that. And if you get started and it’s not working for you, you get to change things up to make it better.

      I hope this helps kind of shake up the preconception that working from home is limited to one type of work environment. The point in working from home is freedom. You can make it whatever best fits your strengths, skills, and passions. 🙂

  10. I want to thank you for this review! I have been looking into this course and watching it for 8 months now and with your review, I think I am ready to take the plunge!!

    1. I’m SO glad you found it helpful, Barbara! And how exciting that you’re ready to take that next step! I really think you’ll enjoy the program. 🙂 I’m cheering for you!

    2. Have you taken this course yet? If so, what are your feelings? I’m thinking of doing this course.


  11. I’m seriously thinking about this! Currently a stay at home mum in the uk. Need to go back to work to get the money to pay for it though!

    1. That’s exciting, Tanya! 🙂 I definitely recommend reaching out to them to make sure what they teach is applicable to people within the UK before you enroll. I sure hope so because it I hear great things about the program!

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