My Totally Honest Review of Bookkeeper Business Launch

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Meet Ben Robinson, owner and creator of Bookkeeper Business Launch, a training program designed to train bookkeepers with the skills they need to launch their own remote bookkeeping business — even if they have no bookkeeping experience to start with.

Many of you know how passionate I am about helping people find legitimate ways to earn real income from home so they can spend more time doing what they love with the people they love.

(And if you don’t know, now you do!) 😉

So when I heard about Ben’s course a few years ago, I knew I wanted to write a thorough review of it so you can get a real glimpse into the program — especially if you think this might be a niche you’d like to explore.

Then life happened… for 2 1/2 years.

Motherhood, y’all. Am I right? 😛

But thanks to a wonderful reader who recently asked me about Ben’s course, I was encouraged to get my butt in gear and get this post written for you guys, so here it is! (Thanks, Jessica! I hope you find this helpful. <3)

A lot of people connect with me, asking advice on how to earn money from home, and I’m actually rather surprised at how few realize that bookkeeping can, in fact, be an excellent way to earn a living from home!

But to be honest, it wasn’t until I heard about Ben and his course that I really connected the dots myself.

I mean, my mom’s a bookkeeper and has been for decades. And you know what? She’s actually been doing it old-school using the methods she was trained on — from home. 

How did I not see this?! 

The difference between what she’s been doing all this time and what Ben teaches is that she’s been confined to her local bookkeeping market all these years, while Ben teaches his students to cast a wider net.

So when my husband and I gifted her an enrollment into Bookkeeper Business Launch, I think she was a bit shocked at the idea of being able to use those skills to work with clients all over the U.S. — no matter where she is.

Mind. Officially. Blown.

A Little About Ben Robinson

Ben is a former CPA firm owner, a published author, and an experienced public accountant who has devoted his life to teaching people the necessary skills to become excellent bookkeepers, as well as how to build their business from home.

I originally heard of Ben through one of my virtual assisting clients who has worked with him in the past. And from my own interactions with him, I can honestly say that Ben is one of the nicest, most generous people out there.

He really does have a passion to share his knowledge to help others create successful businesses, and it really shows in his program.

A Little About the BBL 3.0

As I mentioned before, my mom is currently enrolled in Bookkeeper Business Launch, and I’ve been watching her progress to gain some first-hand insight into Ben’s course myself.

As soon as my mom started training, I was immediately impressed with the care and attention Ben has put into creating this course.

Ben Robinson Bookkeeper Business Launch

Ben’s whole approach to teaching is phenomenal because he addresses the two most prominent success killers when it comes to starting your own business: mindset and motivation.

He specifically addresses these two things frequently throughout the course — and for good reason, too. 

Throughout my time as an online entrepreneur, I have personally seen more budding businesses get sniped of success for two reasons: doubt and fear. They were too afraid or unconvinced of their abilities to see that just over the hill of intimidation lies the vast opportunity for success.

But most will never get that far because they give way to fear. 

Trust me, I’m totally guilty of this too.

This is why Ben takes GREAT care not to just teach his students the skills they need to do the work as a bookkeeper and how to build their business; he also strives to nurture his students’ mindsets and help them identify their motivation.

This is priceless!!

Something he shares early on in his course is:

“Your outer success is 100% dependent on your inner success.”

~ Ben Robinson

This is SO true for pretty much everything in life, especially when it comes to building a business. There is nothing more indicative of your success in life than the success you possess inside.


In his course, Ben strives to help his students overcome the “can’t” mentality and foster a “can-do” attitude toward their goals to give them the best chance for success.

In my mind, this is just as valuable (if not more so) as all the training students receive in bookkeeping and marketing throughout the course.

Seriously. If you feel one ounce of doubt inside of you, that’s proof of the need for mindset nurturing in courses like these. IT’S ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL TO SUCCESS, FOLKS.

In fact, even as someone who works full-time from home, I still need to nurture my mindset because I get scared every. single. day. that I’m going to fail.

But you know what? I’ve learned to do it afraid. And it seems to be working out just fine. 😉

Course Overview

The course itself is broken down into 6 separate sections of content topics:

  • Skills
  • Clients
  • Systems
  • Clients (Advanced)
  • Resources
  • Bonuses


The units within each topic contain multiple modules (Foundations unit example shown below):

And each module contains the actual lessons (START HERE module example below):

Throughout the course, Ben teaches his students the foundational knowledge they need to get started as a bookkeeper.

That means you don’t need any previous experience to take the course. Ben provides all the instruction you need to start from the ground up!

After Foundations, Ben helps you dive deep into learning the proper processes of bookkeeping while providing you hands-on training in Quickbooks Online, the most popular bookkeeping software among businesses today.

To do that, Ben walks you through using the software to manage a mock business with different scenarios so you get the opportunity to actually build your skills as though you were working with an actual client.

And there are a TON of video tutorials and instructions, which makes the lessons really easy to understand and apply. Plus, Ben is an excellent teacher, and it’s very easy to listen to his lessons and learn a lot.

He really, really knows his stuff and knows how to teach people.

Another HUGE bonus is that Ben pays for an attorney to be available for all students to ask those burning legal questions surrounding building a business from the ground up.


I haven’t seen a course do this before! This alone is probably worth the price of the entire course.

So what’s included when you enroll?

As I mentioned before, this course actually comes with a TON of content and resources to help you learn the skills you need to become a bookkeeper and how to actually start your business.

Here’s a list of everything you get when you enroll in the course:

  • The entire Bookkeeper Business Launch program (valued at $2,997) – includes video lessons, worksheets, templates, quizzes, interviews, role play scenarios, case studies, and checklists.
  • Access to the Rockin’ BBL Students Community 
  • Access to the weekly Q&A support calls
  • Unlimited email support with our Student Success Team
  • NEW IN BBL 3.0!! Office Hours – Expert 1-on-1 bookkeeping advice from established bookkeeping professionals
  • NEW IN BBL 3.0!! Legal Lunch – Ask an attorney any questions you have about starting your business
  • Full access to the Bookkeeper Business Launch Resource Library – includes guides, templates and worksheets you need to start your successful bookkeeping business.
  • Unlimited upgrades to future versions of Bookkeeper Business Launch
  • The Bookkeeper Business Launch Action Guide: Your “Step-By-Step” action plan to launching your own virtual bookkeeping business. This 41-point action plan highlights the most effective “breakthrough work” items that will rapidly accelerate towards success, right from the word go.
  • Special Bonus #1: Hacks and Facts
  • Special Bonus #2: Profit Maximizers
  • Our IRONCLAD “No Questions Asked” 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Our 12-Month Double Your Money Back “Achievers Guarantee”

Things I love about this course…

Ben seems to undersell and overdeliver on everything he does, which is by far my favorite thing about this course.

There is SO much training and support involved for students that I personally feel this course would absolutely help someone go from zero to bookkeeping professional if they’re committed to doing the work*.

*Like that overt disclaimer in there? It’s there because it’s true. His course isn’t magic. You’re the only magic you need to make it work, friend.

Same goes for pretty much every training program out there. Moving on… 😉 

Something my mom has RAVED about is the student Facebook group where she says the community support among the students is incredible. And I can honestly say that for the training courses I’ve taken, the student groups are what makes the program absolutely shine.

Knowing you have the support you need whenever you need it as you venture out to build your business — from people who have actually been there — can be SO helpful in relieving the fear involved with starting something new.

Another thing that’s SO great is that not only does it have a really great money-back guarantee (which is rare for online training programs), Ben also offers an affordable 12-month payment option that helps make enrolling SO much more attainable for those on a budget.

Things I wish were better…

Since I haven’t personally taken this course, I can’t really speak to the program from a student perspective.

However, after navigating the course myself and speaking to my mom about what she loves and doesn’t love about the course, we both agreed that navigating the course is not as intuitive as we’d like it to be.

That said, it’s still fairly simple to navigate.

I personally feel aesthetics and course navigation are, honestly, not that important. If the course content is good (and it is!), then the package hardly matters.

So is this a good niche for stay-at-home parents?


This is a fantastic work-at-home niche for stay-at-home moms (and dads!) who are good with numbers and need a flexible work-at-home career to accommodate their family’s needs — even if you have really little ones at home who need your attention!

On my mompreneur scale of 1 to 10 (10 being awesome), I rate this a 10, meaning this job is ideal for parents of kids of any age. You can easily step away from your work to be with your kiddos at any given time.

(Yes, I just totally made this scale up.)

It is incredibly flexible so you can do the work with littles around, making it ideal for parents with small kiddos or kiddos with special needs.


If you’re thinking about exploring this niche, I highly recommend checking out Ben’s FREE 4-part class to get you started — includes video classes and workbooks!

So bookkeeping… ever thought about it? Leave a comment below and share!

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