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Hi, friend! My name is Katie, and I am the creator and author of MiM, a blog for moms who feel like they just don't have it all together. I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and woman who spends most of her days finding to enjoy life as it's been given to me. My love of God keeps me going on the hard days and fills me up to overflowing on the good. At MiM, I endeavor to help moms like me who feel completely burnt out by motherhood. Yes, it's normal. No, you're not alone. I am so excited to share and discover with you the different ways we, as moms, can pour into ourselves the patience, care, and love that we so often provide to our families. I can't wait to experience the joy with you as you discover new passions and experiences through accomplishment, creativity, and community!

Art of Proofreading: Interview with Phon Baillie

Proofreading has become one of the most popular (and lucrative!) work-at-home niches in recent years. And if you have a knack for spotting errors, you can turn your love of reading into a nice side-hustle. That’s exactly what Phon Baillie did — then she decided to create Art of Proofreading to teach others how to do […]

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My Totally Honest Review of Bookkeeper Business Launch

Meet Ben Robinson, owner and creator of Bookkeeper Business Launch, a training program designed to train bookkeepers with the skills they need to launch their own remote bookkeeping business — even if they have no bookkeeping experience to start with. Many of you know how passionate I am about helping people find legitimate ways to earn […]

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6 Ways to Rediscover Yourself After Motherhood

Few people go into parenthood prepare for the level of overwhelm they’ll experience. Don’t get me wrong, being a parent is amazing. It’s a unique experience that takes you to the heights and depths of life like nothing else. But most of us go into motherhood (and fatherhood) with romanticized ideas on how it will […]

How to Use Skills You Already Have to Earn Money From Home

Did you know that it’s highly likely that you’re already sitting on some skills that you could use to make money from home? Or that learning a new skill so you can earn a living from home isn’t nearly as out of reach as you might think? Becoming a work-at-home mom (or dad! or single!) […]

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4 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Work-At-Home Parent

  Becoming a work-at-home mom has been one of the most exciting, freeing decisions I’ve ever made. The blessing of flexibility is unmatched by any other 9-to-5 my husband and I have ever had, and I feel more empowered as a person working from home than I’ve felt in a LONG time. But to be […]

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